Pizza oven - CARAWELA - Wood fired pizza oven

Manufacturer: CARAWELA
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The portable pizza oven CARAWELA is a portable wood fired pizza oven, it weighs only 45 kg

• This oven is ideal for pizza parties! ...
• It's a wood fired pizza oven that reaches 350 ºC in just 15min - It's a very efficient wood fired pizza oven!
• Take it camping with you
• Lend it to your naibours or family
• This wood fired pizza oven is available in several colours
portable pizza oven
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Wood fired pizza oven - MOSAIC - Pizza oven

Pizza oven MOSAIC:

• This wood fired pizza oven is shipped fully assembled. You'll just need to cure it before you start cooking your favorite dishes...
• This oven is made of several layers of refractory and expanded clay and a ceramic blanket for a perfect insulation.
• The pizza oven is finished with a mosaic coloured layer.
• This oven is equiped with a cast iron double door. Width: 39 cm x Height: 31 cm
• The oven is equiped with a 15cm chimney outlet with vent controle.

• you can buy the MOSAIC Pizza Oven